Q: Can you price my project according to its square foot area?

A: We do not price our projects using dollars per square foot. Determining a price using this technique in remodeling and custom home building is “guesstimating”. Design, engineering and pricing will be impacted by items such as site conditions, easements, bulk planes, the products you select, your soils, shape of your home, Home Owner Association requirements, to name a few.  In the case of remodeling, additional items such as existing house design and structure also are to be considered. These items will affect each project differently. This, by itself, is a good reason why it is important not to get “quick bids” or price per square foot proposals. If a builder isn’t able to provide enough time to do a complete estimate for you, you are better off without them.

You should also beware of bids that are lower than others as this could mean that you are dealing with an unlicensed/uninsured contractor, or that something is missed in their proposal. It could also mean that it may include low grade materials or have insufficient allowance amounts. In any event, it is likely that you will have quite a few change orders or additional costs during construction which will substantially increase your costs above and beyond the other bids. This can substantially extend your completion date. You should keep in mind that shoddy workmanship, low grade materials & inferior products will reduce the value of your home; while high quality construction is the key to protecting & enhancing the value of your home.

Q: Do you have a crew or do you subcontract all the work?

A: We employ a small year-round work force that is supplemented with specialty tradesmen that we have grown to trust. Many of these tradesmen have been working with us for 15-20 years. In addition, Gary is a hands-on General Contractor; which means he works the field and oversees every aspect of your project without relying on “lead-men” to manage the daily progress. We do not run construction for multiple projects simultaneously since we feel it is important to give your project our personal, undivided attention. Throughout the years this method has worked well for us since it allows us to offer affordable pricing without sacrificing quality workmanship. Our customers appreciate the fact that Gary is not salesman that first meets with you and then hands your project off to others in order to complete the job. You can count on him to be present from commencement to completion.

Q: Do you have proper insurance and licensing?

A: Chagnon Building & Remodeling LLC is fully licensed and insured –along with the craftsmen we work with. We provide all permits and inspections with adherence to all government codes and regulations. Problems with unlicensed and uninsured contractors can result in unskilled work, safety concerns with the structure of new and existing portions of your home, electrical wiring and so on. In addition, you risk the possibility of not being able to resell your home if non-permitted work has been done.  Your risk of financial loss and liability is greatly increased when you work with uninsured contractors. There is an expression that is often used that says “you get what you pay for”. In the construction industry, this is exactly true. Unlicensed/uninsured builders and tradesmen that produce shoddy work cannot afford to conduct business “above board” since they mostly are looking to turn a quick buck and have no pride in what they do. They price their work low-end hoping that the lowest bid wins, and produce low-end work. That’s why we work with only the finest custom craftsmen, many of whom we have worked with for 15 to 20 years. They each have completed their own area of expertise, eliminating the many problems that the jack-of-all-trades and unlicensed, uninsured workers create. Ask us about the types of insurance that are needed to protect you!

Q: Do you offer a warranty for the work you do?

A: Our workmanship is fully warrantied, which means that we will come and fix any workmanship defects on your project for up to 3 years from the point of occupancy or use. In addition, fixtures, appliances and the like generally come with their own manufacturer’s warranty. In all honesty, there has seldom been a need or request for us to perform fixes. Our call back ratio is below 1%, which we attribute to the fact that our quality control is set to high standards for our suppliers, crew and tradesmen to meet.