A little about us…..

Established in 1992 by Gary J. Chagnon, we have been committed to all aspects of the construction industry for nearly 20 years. CBR began as a one – man operation, doing primarily siding and renovation projects on a part time basis. As time marched on Gary gained a reputation for his quality workmanship, exceptional standards, and easy going personality, that the demand for his skills became stong enough for him to resign from his occupation as an Architectural Designer, hire a crew, and commit himself to running the business in a full-time capacity.

In 1993, after a year of growing success, Gary extended CBR’s services into the custom homes market. Involving itself with the “Energy Crafted Home” program, in April 1994 CBR completed its first custom home under the name “Chagnon Building & Remodeling”.

About UsIn 1995 Chagnon Building & Remodeling became an independent distributor and erector of Gold Seal Steel Buildings and member of the National Association of Home Builder’s.

Extending his formal secondary education as a Certified Architectural and Civil Designer, in 2002 Gary also became a Certified Vectorworks Architectural Designer.

2004 brought another certification as a 20/20 Kitchen Designer.

Most recently, in April 2010, Gary completed all courses for the new RRP law certifying that Chagnon Building & Remodeling is an EPA  LEAD Certified, compliant company.

Currently, CBR is a Limited Liability Company operated by the husband and wife team, Gary & Carla Chagnon. Together, they maintain firm beliefs in what they do and take pride in their accomplishments. While Gary is not a “sit-behind-a-desk” kind of man, he prefers to be out in the field working on the jobsite to ensure the quality, integrity and progress of each project is meeting his standards. You will find him swinging his hammer on your project 75% of the time. During his absense, he is devoted to giving additional clients the same courtesy given to you during the preliminary phases of your project.

Carla works “behind-the-scenes” on various office tasks and administrative duties. She has been known to show up on site with her sleeves rolled up and ready to work; but since carpentry is not her forte, she prefers to help on the jobsite in smaller ways such as clean-up and/or running incidental errands if need be.

Gary & Carla have been partners for 22 years. They homeschool their three children and reside in Hadley, MA where their home office is based.