The Benefits of Porches

For quite some time, modern homes have been built without porches. Things may be taking a turn the other way now that people are learning the benefits of porches. Here are a few benefits of porches for your home.

Added curb appeal. Curb appeal is important in making a statement with your home or in trying to sell it, and it’s one of the best benefits of porches. Having a front entry that is impressive clearly makes a statement and will cause potential buyers to stop and look. Adding a graceful front porch with unique architectural components is a wonderful way to remake the face of your home.

Increased value. By adding the right kind of porch, you can add significant outdoor living space to your home. This always adds value.

Adding protection. Another of the benefits of porches is this: A nice front porch will give protection from the elements to you and your guests. It will also protect the inside of your home by giving everyone a place to take off raincoats, leave umbrellas, and wipe off the bottom of shoes before going inside.

Entertaining space. At one time, the front porch was the place where everyone gathered to talk, socialize, relax with a drink, and just spend time. When friends and family come over, it’s a place to gather around and catch up on how everyone’s doing.

Enjoy being outdoors. A screened-in porch is a wonderful place for enjoying the outdoors without the bother of bugs and wasps. It’s a good place to share a family meal without flies. And when it’s rainy outside, the kids can gather up on the porch and be safe from the elements. One of the wonderful benefits of porches.

Escape. Having a porch gives you a place to get away and take some time for yourself. Read a book, relax, take a nap, just get off by yourself for a little while and unwind.

Forget the seasons. With the right kind of porch, you can enjoy being there no matter what the season. Screens in the summer, windows in the winter, and fans and heaters for comfort. Enjoy your porch all four seasons of the year.

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