Fall Roof Replacement

Replacing your roof can be a major undertaking. Following are several reasons why fall roof replacement is best. One reason for fall roof replacement is cooler weather. If you’ve ever been on your roof on a blazing hot summer day, you know how uncomfortable it can become after a short time. The lower temperatures during the fall allow workers to stay on your job longer, reducing the time it takes to get the job completed. Often only one day is required to get finished when the temperature is lower. Plus, there is less risk to the workers of heat related problems. Another reason why fall roof replacement is better is that the shingles will have time to “settle in” and form the strong barrier that is necessary for a good roof. This barrier will be strong enough to deal with the first snow of the season when the roof is replaced in the fall. Also, fall roof replacement is better because you don’t want to go through the winter with your old roof. This increases the risk of some problems becoming prominent that could have been eliminated with fall roof replacement. Even if you have only small problems with your roof now, they can become magnified during the snows of winter and become more costly due to leaks and damage to your home. Fall roof replacement also means your home will be open to the elements for less time. With the lower temperatures and less risk of afternoon thunderstorms, your contractor can stay on the job longer and get your home covered adequately with the new roof. A new roof also can help with your home heating bills. Fall roof replacement gives you a new, stronger barrier against the elements that come with winter. No more missing shingles that allow cold air in and heated air out. No more letting your money flow out through the old and inefficient roof. Fall roof replacement is better because the asphalt shingles perform better in cool weather, also. They are more pliable and don’t stick together like they do in the heat of summer. If you have a need for professional home repair such as a new roof, you want Chagnon Building & Remodeling to do the work for you. Gary Chagnon has been constructing and remodeling custom homes since 1992. Call today for the best in quality workmanship and exceptional standards. Call 413-259-6785 today!