Design In Hadley, Northampton & Belchertown, MA

Design In Hadley, Northampton & Belchertown, MA

Step 1 - The Design Process...

After your initial call to us, an appointment is made to meet at your home so that we may introduce you to our company. We feel it is important to meet at your home so that we may get a better feel of your existing space, your use of the space, as well as your current and future needs. Many people find it useful to collect ideas, pictures, articles, and sketches that appeal to them. This is the perfect time to share such things with us as they will assist us in determining your tastes and preferences.

CBR is well-rounded construction company. This includes the ability to provide Engineering, Structural Engineering, Design and Construction. By keeping the responsibility of your project with one group rather than placing you in the middle of Engineers, Designers and your Builder, this makes life simpler for you . This process also helps to prevent cost overruns from occurring due to decisions made in the design phase that may not fit into your budget parameters. However, we can also customize or provide pricing on existing plans that you may have already decided on.

We typically do not provide a guaranteed price until all of the engineering, design and selections are fully complete. The next step would be to enter into our design agreement, after which we will ask specific questions designed to help you think your way through your project, isolating your needs and working them into your budget and drawings. We offer our design services as a courtesy to our customers that choose us as their builder. If, after all design work is complete, you choose to use a different builder, a fee for our design services will be imposed. We can usually provide you with a plan, specifications and a guaranteed price within a week. However, on larger remodels or custom homes we will require additional time to review your concepts and/or existing home or property. After which we can provide you with a price range (estimate) that we feel your project should fall into.

It is at one of these early meetings that we will begin to field measure the work area (if we are remodeling your existing home). For custom homes we will want to walk your property with you to determine possible locations of your house, driveway, utilities, septic and well (if required). We want to make sure early on that you have a build-able site and that the location of one of these items doesn't negatively impact the others.

During the design phase we may also ask you to complete several "homework assignments" which may include selecting some of your products, finishes, or may require you to make decisions regarding different design elements. Many of the suppliers we use have showrooms with well-informed, helpful, creative people for you to work with. We provide services in Hadley, Northampton & Belchertown, MA & surrounding areas.

Typically we will not start construction until all major decisions have been made. When a project is started too early it is very likely that you will go over on your budget and your schedule. Adequate planning prior to the start of a project will greatly enhance your enjoyment and success of the whole process.

The length of time required for the design process will be largely up to you, your schedule, and based on the size of the project. Our average design times can range from just a few days for a finished basement to between 2 to 6 months for a larger addition and possibly longer for a custom home. It's important to start planning at least 1-2 seasons in advance of when you would like your project to commence.