Finished Basements In Hadley, Northampton & Belchertown, MA

Many homeowners, when looking at adding square footage to their home, overlook the benefits of remodeling the basement to add a bathroom, playroom, entertainment room or bedroom. The cost of remodeling a basement can have several benefits over adding an addition.

Your existing basement is already a part of your house, and in most cases will not need excavation or substantial exterior improvements to complete the project. A well designed basement renovation can add to the existing square footage of your house thereby adding value to your overall home.

Planning your basement renovation, needs to be thought through very carefully. In most basements, access to existing home systems is very important, and creating a design around that will make your new project run smoother as well as make your maintenance on existing systems easier when it comes time to access them.

Whether you plan to use it as a bedroom, bathroom, entertainment room, laundry room or storage, the added area will make a significant change in the way you function in your daily life.

A properly designed and finished basement also has some health benefits. When moisture issues are addressed, a finished basement virtually illuminates the moldy damp basement issue. We provide services in Hadley, Northampton & Belchertown, MA & surrounding areas.

In the end, turning your vision into reality along with creating a budget friendly plan that takes into account all the obstacles that are already present in your existing home is what we at Chagnon Building & Remodeling LLC strive for.