A Home Addition: A Good Investment

Do you need more room in your home? If so, consider a home addition. They’re a good investment.

If you decide to add to your home, you have choices. You can build on, build up, or dig down. But whichever one you choose for your home addition, there are some things to consider.

Is there room for an addition? Be sure you check you local land-use codes to see if there’s any restriction. You may not want to give up the yard you worked so hard to nurture. But if you have no restriction from local codes, you can build around your outdoor space and improve your home.

Will your home addition make your home complete? Consider your plans for the addition, do they make sense for what you want? Will they solve whatever problem you’re trying to address?

Consider cost. In general, building an addition will be cheaper than moving. But you do have to consider some issues that may increase the cost of your home addition. If you have a steep slope or even less of a grade, you’re probably adding cost to your project. If your access is difficult for contractors to use, you may be adding cost.

Matching your existing house. If you decide on a home addition, you may run into a problem matching the exterior of your existing house. Wood siding on your existing home may be weathered and not able to be matched. The brick or siding on your home may no longer be manufactured, and you can’t match it. In this case, you have to decide if you want to replace the siding on your entire house.

Will the addition increase the value of your home? Certainly, it will increase the value to you, but what about for future potential buyers? Will they want the same things you want in your home addition? If you plan well, you can increase the value of your home.

Consider the kind of addition. Building up, building out, or building down are your options. Choosing building out is possibly the best option as far as convenience for you is concerned. The ground work will take time, giving you extra time to prepare for the rest of the project. You also may be able to stay in the majority of your home during the construction of your home addition.

Cheaper than moving. In general, building a home addition is cheaper than moving. You don’t have to worry about packing your entire house, working with realtors, or looking around for the house you want.

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