The Impact of Siding on Your Home

For the past several years, bricks have been the choice of outer covering for homes. And they have proven to be a good choice for many people.

But now siding seems to be making a comeback. Many improvements in this product have increased the impact of siding as an outer covering for your home.

Financial Impact of Siding. Good vinyl siding is less expensive to install than many other kinds of outer covering for your home. This makes it a good choice for your home. There is less need for continual upkeep, as well. This makes the long term financial impact of siding even more attractive. About the only maintenance required is an occasional washing with a hose or power washer.

Energy Impact of Siding. The increased R-value of vinyl siding will help decrease your overall utility costs. You’ll no longer find the need to continually adjust your thermostat to get your heating or cooling the way you want it.

Environmental Impact of Siding. Vinyl siding is “green” from beginning to disposal. Even the manufacturing process is more environmentally friendly than that of other outer coverings. The harvesting of the raw materials, the installation, and the disposal of wastes are all good for the environment.

Curb Appeal Impact of Siding. Siding has character. You have many styles to choose from, depending on what your taste runs to. There is the cedar shake style, the clapboard style, or the half-round and board and batten styles. All can look wonderful on your home. You also have many choices of color and texture. Mix and match or do your home all in one, it’s your choice.

Having siding on your home will help it stand out among all of the cookie cutter designs in brick in your neighborhood. The uniqueness of siding will show everyone your willingness to be different and set the standard for others to follow.

Be bold! Dare to be chic! Choose to have the impact of siding for your house.

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