Sometimes, the limitations of available space on your property will prevent a traditional addition to be added to your home. Other times, changing the look of your house by going up will be what it takes to make your home more substantial or striking from the street.

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Adding square footage to your existing home’s footprint with a second floor can net considerable benefits, both personal as well as financial. In neighborhoods that are highly alluring, adding square footage can increase your homes value double or even triple in less time than in newly- constructed neighborhoods or neighborhoods that are not as well-established and homey.

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Adding a second story to your existing house can save a lot of money over adding an addition off the side of your home. By not having the cost of excavation and concrete, which are the biggest ticket items in an addition, you can reduce the construction cost and add the same or even more square footage as well as give you home a different feel.

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Add-A-Levels can be designed to use the entire footprint of the first floor or just a portion of the existing footprint, but either way the possibilities are endless.

Having Chagnon Building & Remodeling LLC design and build your add-a-level will ensure you have a smooth transition from your existing living space to your new expanded living area.