Protecting your vehicle and avoiding running out to your car on cold mornings are arguably the top reasons people build garages. But there are quite a few other reasons to add a garage to your home or property. A properly designed garage can be used for several functions as well as add resale value to your home.

home remodeling contractor sunderland maParking:

Depending on where you live, having a garage to park in gives you the peace of mind that you will have a safe spot to park, no matter what time you come home. Street parking is only good if the spot is available when you need it.


A well-designed garage will not only give you parking area for your vehicle and other equipment like lawnmowers, wheel barrels and other larger equipment, but cabinet, shelves and hooks along the walls give you additional storage for items that you would normally need to store in your home.

home additions ideas amherst maEntertaining Space:

A well-designed garage can incorporate a space for entertaining. You can bring the party inside during inclement weather or just to get some shade. You can fire-up the grille, put out your tables and chairs, and you’re ready to go.

Office Space or Craft Room:

Adding a craft room or office space to your new garage can be a good use of space as well as adding value to your property. A well designed office or craft room can also be used as a guest suite if properly designed. This will add great value to your property.

With all the added benefits of a garage, making the decision to add a garage addition to your home is one of the best ways to add value to your property.