Our Beliefs

We believe that every homeowner is entitled to the home of their dreams.

We believe that proper planning is an important key to the success of every project. Therefore, with Gary's formal education in residential and commercial building design, we devote the time that is necessary during the preliminary phase of each project to examine potential structural conflicts, and run through different scenarios that may affect potential long term decisions down the road. The extra time devoted in this phase allows building and framing to proceed quickly and efficiently. Thus, there is seldom a need to backtrack or fix mistakes that were not previously recognized or budgeted for.

Our fundamental belief is that every construction project should be done right, the first time. Although we do our best to provide realistic timelines, there are occasions when certain tasks may take longer than originally expected. We work hard to complete each project on time and within the scope of each individual contract, but we will never sacrifice the integrity of a project to ensure a time table is met. Ultimately, we want all of our customers to enjoy working with us and to be happy with their finished project -however, our first priority is completing the project right.

We believe that it's important that the quality is there and that it shows for years to come. It is likely that in a short time you will not even remember what day your project was completed, but you will live with the quality every day - even if it takes a little longer. We will not "cut corners to speed things up", and respectfully ask that our customers not expect us to.