Siding, Windows and Doors In Hadley, Northampton & Belchertown, MA

As the main three products Chagnon Building & Remodeling started installing back in 1992, it is still a large part of our portfolio today. Although a lot of changes have occurred in the industry, we still have a focus on attention to detail and making your new siding, windows and doors give your house a new curb appeal.


Whether it be vinyl siding, metal siding, cement siding, cedar siding or PVC siding, we at Chagnon Building and Remodeling LLC have the experience and training to make your installation one of a kind and unique. Once we finish with your install, it will give your home added value as well as a fresh new look.


From replacements windows to full tear out new construction windows, Chagnon Building & Remodeling LLC will come up with the correct plan to make the install as easy on your existing daily life as possible. We can handle the project from beginning to end including painting/staining, cleaning and installing the curtains or blinds, or we can complete the install and work with you if you would like to have a part in the project as well.


From single exterior walk doors, sliders and French doors, to interior swing door, pocket door and bifolds, Chagnon Building & Remodeling LLC will take the time to make sure every door installed works as flawless as possible. There is nothing more frustrating, than getting a new door installed and having it not close properly, or turning the lock and having it not work. Attention to details is what we are about. Your door project can be as comprehensive as you would like, from our team doing everything up to and including the window shades, or we can do the install and trimming and leave the final painting and shades up to you.

If you are looking for a quality installation of siding, windows and doors that fit into a fixed budget, without the dreaded changes that happen when other contractors don't price the complete project, call or email us for a firm price quote on your siding, window and door project.