Construction Services In Hadley, Northampton & Belchertown, MA

Even with New England's four seasons we are able to work year round. However, protecting your existing home and family from the elements is a primary concern of ours. The majority of our remodeling clients stay in their homes during the entire process. This, of course, will become more difficult as more of your existing house is worked on. Job-site safety is also a major concern -as is job-site cleanliness. We believe a clean site provides a higher degree of quality and promotes job safety.

There is a period of time between when our Construction Agreement is signed and when construction can actually start. During this period we are actually hard at work on your project obtaining permits, Home Owner Association approvals, ordering materials, and scheduling our craftsmen.

The timing of the construction phase will vary depending on the project. If necessary we will typically delay a project's completion rather than sacrificing its quality to meet deadlines. We have learned that our clients tend to appreciate the quality we provide -even if it takes a little longer. We service Hadley, Northampton & Belchertown, MA & surrounding areas.

Average construction times range from eight to sixteen weeks on basements to three to five months for typical mid to large additions and five to nine plus months for Custom Homes.